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Randwick Courtyard House

  • 16 Apr

  • Fin Murray

Renovation of Long Skinny Terrace in Randwick

The block for this narrow terrace house in Randwick is almost 50m long, but less than 5m wide. In order for the living area to be full width and face the rear yard, we designed the bedrooms in a stacked arrangement. We added 2 new bedrooms, a bathroom and an ensuite in the middle of the house with 2 internal courtyards.

The other end of the main living space backs onto the first courtyard and also benefits from a hi-light north facing window. The light well courtyards create a series of intimate spaces and an ever changing quality of light in the house. In total there are now 3 generous bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a large living/ dining/ kitchen area and a garage with loft storage at the rear.

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Photos courtesy of: Robert Gray Photography

Built by: Durant