The importance of Landscape Design

Image above – Witta Circle House in Noosa by Shaun Locker Architects. Photo Christopher Frederick Jones

More often than not, landscaping, landscape design, or Landscape Architects and Landscape Designers are the very last considerations for anyone building a new house, or renovating an existing one.

Truth be told, the main reason for this is that landscaping, or anyone designing landscape, costs more money, and there actually is (a chance) you can do it later.

The question is, will you actually do it later? For some of us, this will happen. If you love spending time in the garden, maybe you’ll do it yourself with or without some hired help over the years. It could be a fun and very rewarding project. You might actually very much look forward to doing this yourself as the weeks, months or years go by.

For most of us, not considering landscaping early on, means it will probably never really be properly done. Unless you are after a wild garden that consumes your house or a desert that is devoid of plants altogether…

Getting a Landscape Architect or Landscape Designer involved as early as possible can result in a better outcome and a more enjoyable place to live.

Architecture, especially contemporary minimalist architecture, can sometimes be harsh and dominating, without the soft backdrop of a well considered landscape. And whilst most Architects, like us, can design hard landscaped spaces, seats, pools and outdoor rooms, most of us don’t have a lot of botanical knowledge. And landscape professionals can offer further expertise and fresh ideas for hard landscaping and a holistic view of spaces, plants and materials in a garden.

Ideally if you do have a Landscape Architect or Designer they can work alongside your Architect or Designer as early as possible to ensure a complimentary outcome.

In terms of Council or CDC requirements for soft landscaping, these can vary wildly depending where you are. Some small lots/ terraces will have little or no requirement to increase existing landscaping, even if there is none, while in some areas you may be required to have 50% or more of your property as soft landscaping.

We are of the opinion that landscaping and green space is often reduced more than it should be to make way for ‘more house’. This is largely driven by market value and the fact that more house usually equals higher sale price. But often more garden, can result in a calmer happier place to live where you can feel more connected to the natural world.

Gardens can be expensive to create and maintain, but they can also be a huge boost to emotional well being. With the rise of biophillic design as a positive design concept in buildings small and large, it’s definitely worth thinking about as much, or maybe more, than what tiles and taps will go in your bathroom.

Speaking of bathrooms, we are very excited to get photos taken tomorrow of one of our latest projects in Crows Nest which has a green wall inside the bathroom!